American Car Imports Servicing,
Parts and Performance Tuning

With our servicing facilities, we undertake specialist maintenance, servicing and repairs on all American vehicles.

Through our Racing division, our specialist engineers undertake performance enhancement, including supercharger and exhaust installation, wheel and tyre upgrades, suspension and brake modifications
and body kits.

We source parts for all vehicles directly from the USA and Canada to save you money. We offer a 48 hour “rush” service for when you need a part NOW!

Our technicians have all the Specialist diagnostic equipment and repair manuals for new and late model vehicles.

Our trained mechanics undertake all types of work including gearbox,  transfer  box  and differential replacement and carry out Tracking and Wheel alignment.

We use an industry leading Paint and Bodyshop to undertake all crash repairs and resprays which are accepted by all leading insurance companies.

We stock the highest grade of American oils and fluids to ensure your vehicle is maintained to leading industry standards.

For our customers in the London area, we can offer a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service to make your life easier.

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