American Car Imports is the most experienced firm in the UK at compliance with the Single Vehicle Approval regulations for American vehicles, having now presented several hundred vehicles for the SVA test. To-date we have a 100% pass record on new vehicles.

American Car Imports carries out all the homologation work required and then presents each of our Customers vehicles to the Department of Transport in order to obtain a Ministers Approval Certificate (MAC). Without expert knowledge of the SVA regulations and the highly complicated SVA Technical Manual, individuals thinking of importing a car on their own, could face great difficulties in getting a MAC required for registration in the UK. The design (and not the condition) of passenger vehicles is tested in all of the categories listed below. With our own in-house Type Approval and Engineering specialists, we make an engineering assessment of what is required for each vehicle to successfully pass the test in every case.

ACI prepares each vehicle for the SVA test in our in-house SVA engineering workshop. Unlike some other importers, we not only ensure that the regulations are complied with from a technical point of view, but we also ensure that the modifications are undertaken with a determination to maintain the aethetics of each vehicle. We know that the way a vehicle “looks” is very important to you-the customer, and we aim to keep every vehicle looking “original” and unmodified. This is a very important aspect of our work.


1) Anti-theft devices
2) Defrosting and Demisting
3) Windscreen wipers and washers
4) Seats and Anchorages
5) Seat Belts and Anchorages
6) Interior Fittings
7) Radio Suppression
8) Glazing
9) Lighting
10) Mirrors
11) Tyres
12) Doors, Latches and Hinges
13) Exterior Projections
14) Protective Steering
15) Vehicle Design and Construction
16) Brakes
17) Noise
18) Emissions (spark ignition)
19) Emissions (diesel)
20) Speedometer
21) Design Weights

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